Choosing the Best Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror 2017

A Review of Top 10 Best-Selling Choices in the Market

Putting on makeup is something no woman takes lightly.

In fact, shedding some light on the subject is of extreme importance, for without a good lighted mirror, you can wind up with streaks or notice unblended powder once you glance in your rearview mirror already on your way to the office. Put your best face forward by investing in the right makeup mirror to help you apply your favorite foundations, powders, blushes and eye shadows seamlessly. Or sit there and overanalyze your pores. We get it.

That’s why every woman really needs a proper lighted makeup mirror.

It’s not enough to depend on your bathroom mirror for the job. Depending on how your bathroom is set up, you might be too far from the mirror to really see if you’re getting your eyebrows even. Perhaps the lighting is too dim in there or worse, unflattering. To get your best look every time, you need the best vanity makeup mirror in your life.

Many of them look the same, but they’re not really the same.

If you’re wondering which one to pick, we’ve painstakingly gone through the best lighted vanity mirrors to help you choose the right one for you. We’ve sifted through the features of each model comparing all the things that are important like magnification, usefulness, brightness of lights, price, and more to give you all the information you ever wanted to know on the best lighted vanity/makeup mirrors out there. Here are 10 of the top best sellers in the category of lighted makeup mirrors and what we really think of them, followed by what we think is the best lighted makeup mirror.


It’s the top-rated item in this category, oval-shaped with a 1x/7x magnification and a handsome polished chrome finish. It has plenty of positive features, making it easy to see why it was top-rated. It’s lightweight at just 3lbs and very durable. It feels sturdy and looks elegant.


Conair is a popular beauty brand that most people trust. They typically manufacture quality products, and this lighted makeup mirror is no exception. It offers incandescent halo lighting that gives off a decent glow.

We liked that it is easy to see every single detail. That means no more squinting to make sure you’ve properly filled in your brows or when you’re trying to line your eyes. It’s easy tweezing with this one. There are no batteries to worry about with this model either. That means that the light will never start to dim out on you when you’re in the middle of getting ready for something important. It resists fogging which is another plus when you are putting on makeup in your bathroom after showering. Additionally, at just $19.99, the price is just right.


The light took some getting used to because it’s more incandescent than bright. If you’re looking for a more brightly lit makeup mirror, you may find the light that emits from this model to be a bit too dim. It’s a softer lighting, which may work well for you if you just need a little extra lighting when doing your makeup, but for us it ranked low when it came to lighting.

Also, if your makeup area isn’t near an outlet, this model might not be for you. You could use power strips or extension cords but that’s not the best idea if you have pets or kids running around your home.

Like the top-rated Conair Oval Shaped Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror, this one also features the same magnifications, is oval-shaped and is finished in polished chrome. The key difference is that you can power it with batteries and it utilizes LED bulbs to light up with.


With this makeup mirror, you’ll get the same magnification that will make it easy to see up-close everything you want to see. As a bonus though, this mirror uses energy-saving LED bulbs that never need replacing. If you’ve ever owned another lighted vanity mirror, you might have been saddened when the bulbs burned out.

It’s often difficult to replace them and not having to worry about that is a major bonus. Unlike the top-rated Conair Oval Shaped Double Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror, the LED bulbs give out more light without using much energy so it’s much easier to light up your face and see what you’re doing. As it’s cordless, you can use it anywhere you want to put on your makeup. Buying options from other vendors put it at a price point of $19.54 to $21.17, depending on which vendor you select.


You’ll need 3 AA batteries which are not included. And you’ll run through them quite a bit, so you’d better make sure you have plenty of them around.

Additionally, if you’re using this makeup mirror after taking a shower in your bathroom, you’ll find that it fogs up.

With 5x magnification and a white finish, this makeup mirror folds in for easy storage which can make your vanity table feel less cluttered. This is the kind of mirror that you might consider if you want to get multiple angles at once, like your profile, to ensure even coverage of makeup application or check out your face from a different perspective.


On this model, you have four adjustable options for lighting. Daytime, evening, home, and office settings make it easy to create the kind of light needed to achieve the makeup look you’re trying to go for.

The center mirror swivels and the 2 side mirrors can be adjusted to give you a panoramic view of your face. Another advantage is that you can plug your hair dryer, flat iron or curling iron into the built-in outlet on the front. That means no more unplugging your lighted makeup vanity so you can plug in your other beauty tools. That’s an unbelievably handy advantage because nothing is more difficult than having to choose between the devices you need in order to decide which one you should unplug.

This tri-fold mirror comes in two styles too. There’s a rectangular version starting at $33.12 and a rounded-corner version that starts at $46.16.


While it has a host of desirable features, this mirror feels a little less substantial when compared to the chrome polish finish models. It’s a lot less sturdy and for the flimsiness of it, it’s unusual that it has some heft to it in the weight category.

The lighting, while being adjustable, is also done with fluorescent lighting which can be off-putting to some who desire softer lighting. Certain lighting settings, particularly the one for evening, can be very dim too, and aren’t all that helpful. You’ll feel like you’re applying your makeup in the darkness, which might in fact be a better alternative than applying it in such dim lighting.

Admittedly, this model of makeup mirror looks a lot cheaper because of the white finish even though it retails for more than the top 2 best sellers. The white makes it seem like something we’d play dress up with back in the 1980s, singing Madonna songs into our hairbrushes. It’s something we would fold up and put away after each use to keep anyone from seeing it.

On first glance, it seems similar to the best selling mirror on Amazon. While they both come with a polished chrome finish, this one provides 1x/5x magnification. It also offers a round design instead of an oval shape, and it is an extremely light-weight mirror at just 1.7 lbs.


It certainly looks good on your vanity. The round design along with the polished chrome finish make it look very professional. If you’re going for low price when it comes to shopping for the best lighted vanity/makeup mirror, then this product is a good choice as it only costs $19.99. However, that’s where the pros end.


We didn’t like very much about this lighted makeup mirror. For starters, it was smaller than the other makeup mirrors we’d tried out. The magnification wasn’t as big either, which left us wanting more. And speaking of more, we were definitely wanting more light to emit from this thing.

While the halo-style of lighting is a brilliant idea, pardon the pun, it was much too dim to be of any use to us. The purpose of using a lighted makeup mirror is to get proper lighting around your face to put on makeup, tweeze away stray hairs or to stare agape at our pores, and if the light coming from the lighted makeup mirror is this pointless, we may as well use a regular non-lighted mirror.

Another issue we had was with the bulbs. Our bulbs blew out after only a few uses. These bulbs aren’t easy to replace either and while they can be ordered from Conair, you’ll have to wait a while for them to be delivered. In that time, you can go out and buy another lighted makeup mirror, one that uses bulbs that either don’t burn out so rapidly or one that allows for easy replacement of the bulbs that are used.

This oval-shaped double-sided lighted mirror by Conair comes in a lovely oiled-bronze finish and offers a 1x/7x magnification. While durable, it is still fairly light at 3.6lbs making it easy to carry or move.


Essentially, this is the oiled-bronze version of the top-selling mirror on our list though it has a different finish to it and actually weighs slightly more. It has all the same features including a power cord and fog-free usage. The size is also the same. Because everything is basically the same on this model and the other one except for the finish and the weight, it really is only a matter of preference to which one you think would match your décor the best of all.


While we liked the level of lighting as well as we liked the first model with the polished chrome finish, it might not be bright enough for some people. It’s a soft glow that takes a little adjusting to if you’re used to bright lights. The cord will be a convenience to some while to others, it will be a hindrance. For $37.99, it seems a bit overpriced for the features it provides. We expect more features at this kind of price point, especially since the similar Conair model costs a great deal less.

Durable and stylish, this brushed nickel-finished lighted makeup mirror can be plugged in or run on batteries, which makes it a very versatile option.


With this lighted makeup mirror, you get 2 sides. One with 1x magnification and the other with 7x magnification, which will help you get up close and personal with your pores.

It’s very thin and despite this, it provides a distortion-free view of your face so you can apply makeup or tweeze eyebrows without worry. Most thin mirrors tend to distort reflections, but this one was surprisingly on point.

It also has adjustable LED lights that last a long time and illuminate perfectly. Perhaps the best feature of this item is that it comes with an AC adapter or you can use batteries if you’d prefer so you don’t need to worry about having a place to plug it in.

We really liked this mirror a lot. It had a lot of good reviews too and when we tried it, we could see why other women loved it so much. There was definitely a lot to love about this lighted makeup mirror.


We found no downside to using this mirror. It outperformed the others by a landslide. At $39.99 though, it isn’t cheap but if you need a lighted makeup mirror that will last, the price is worth it. Sometimes it’s better to pay more to get something that works even better than you hope for.

This very portable lighted makeup mirror has 10x magnification, by far the most intense of all the other lighted makeup mirrors we’ve seen. This is also the lightest of the makeup mirrors we looked at, weighing in at less than 1lb.


One excellent thing about this lighted makeup mirror is that it is ideal for traveling. If you’re always taking trips, this is a great makeup mirror. It’s feather-light so it won’t weigh down your luggage. The LED provides a natural daylight ambience so that you can apply your makeup perfectly.

This mirror can also lock into place via an airtight suction cup so you can stick it to any surface wherever you find yourself. It rotates to any desired angle, making it easy to work with. There are no cords and it folds up easily into a handy pouch to protect it from scratches so you can take it anywhere you need to go and use it wherever you are. The price is reasonable too at $27.99. Fancii also promises a 100% money back guarantee with no hassles.


Unfortunately, this lighted vanity mirror is only one-sided and that side is at 10x magnification. So there’s no option to flip to the other side to get a more even look at your face when you’ve finished with your tweezing or makeup application.

Unless you travel a lot or are in need of a lighted makeup mirror that goes to the portable extremes, this isn’t the best option among all the mirrors we’ve seen.

Here’s another folding makeup mirror option with 5x magnification and adjustable panels. It’s really light, only weighing in at 1lb, making it a viable option for travelers.


The 4 light settings for home, evening, office, and day make it easy to adjust the brightness of the light to your liking. Home and day shine the brightest of the 4.

The 5x magnification is enough to zoom in on the areas you want to focus on, plus you can swivel the center panel to a regular magnification to check out your overall look.

We liked that the lighting was glare-free and kept shadows from making it hard to see. The side mirrors adjust so you can view your profile and check yourself out from any angle. We also liked that it can fold up to take up less space. At a price of $22.99, it is a very affordable lighted makeup mirror option.


While it does fold up and alleviate space on your vanity, if you plan on traveling with it, it only comes with a cord and no battery options.

Also, the design of it reminds us of the Jerdon model we also reviewed. It’s not as stylish as some of the other mirrors. It made us want to fold it up and tuck it away completely, useful as it is.

It doesn’t look like the kind of mirror a grown woman wants on her vanity table, however it might not be so terrible stowed away in her luggage for her next epic adventure.

This 3-paneled high-tech lighted vanity mirror provides 3x/2x/1x magnification, unlike any of the other mirrors. It’s a little sturdier than the other 3-paneled options we’ve seen, weighing in at 2.1lbs.


This was one of the most technologically advanced mirrors we had the pleasure of trying out. The touch screen lights allow for you to adjust from dim to bright to suit your needs. It comes with 21 LED lights which get really bright, perfect for seeing anything in even the dimmest of rooms.

Also with LED lights, there is less worry about replacing bulbs. This model gives you a choice of using a cable source or batteries so you can move it around without feeling tied down. If you’re looking for a 3-paneled lighted mirror, this is the most attractive one we’ve seen too. It also comes with a money back guarantee so there is less risk of trying it out.


Unlike other models though, this lighted makeup vanity doesn’t rotate with the same kind of depth. The others swivel at 360-degrees while this one only provides 180-degrees.

Additionally, the sensor for the touch screen can often be a little too sensitive and results in accidentally turning up or down your light settings, or even turning it off completely which is slightly aggravating. For $37.99 the price is a little high for a lighted mirror that only provides a maximum of 3x magnification. While the range of magnification is nice, it would be just as nice to have a more magnified view on one of those mirrors.

This lighted vanity mirror offers 5x magnification and sensor-activation, along with some other unique features. It’s durable, strong, and definitely holds its own at 3.1lbs.


We loved this mirror. It’s like the Rolls Royce of lighted makeup mirrors. It features a Tru-lux light system which is the best simulation of natural sunlight. The mirror is completely distortion-free, even at the edges. It looks lovely, like something you’d want on your vanity table too, but the best part about it is the sensor activation.

This intuitively designed lighted makeup mirror automatically illuminates as your face approaches. It anticipates your arrival, which is a spectacular feature. Another supreme feature of this product is that it is rechargeable via included USB cable. It stays charged for up to 5 weeks at a time too, making it a more viable option for those who would prefer to go cordless without wanting to constantly change batteries.


With the good comes the bad. While this lighted vanity mirror is really intuitive and has a lot of features we can get behind, it completely lacks a second side with 1x magnification. So it only provides 5x magnification. If you want to check out your full effect when you’re finished applying your makeup, you’ll need to find another mirror to look into. Also, the price is a bit steep at $199.99, making it the most expensive of the mirrors we have reviewed.

Our Recommendation

There you have it. 10 different lighted vanity/makeup mirrors, all with their own unique features. Of course, you’re likely wondering which of these we felt was the best choice of all. Of all of them, we would absolutely recommend the Miusco 7x Lighted Magnifying Two-Sided Makeup Mirror. We chose it as the best lighted makeup mirror because it had everything a gal could want in a makeup mirror. It not only lived up to its expectations but exceeded them as well. It’s not the most expensive option on our list either, making it the kind of makeup mirror that is worth your time. It has plenty of magnification and provides a 1x side so you can see your finished results. It also provides the option to go cordless if needed.

Perhaps you won’t agree that the Miusco is the best lighted vanity mirror out there. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and when we want to look into that eye, we need the right lighted makeup mirror for the task. We assessed all the most coveted features in lighted makeup mirrors along with the ease of use and the price to make our recommendation. However, if you frequently travel, one of the other models might be more up your alley.

Ultimately the right makeup mirror for you is the one that best suits your needs. As you read our review, decide what’s most important to you. Is it price? Is it the way it looks on your vanity? Is it the brightness that you desire? Once you’ve prioritized the features by importance, you’ll be able to find the best lighted vanity mirror for you.

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