Samantha Nicole Administrator

About Us

Hi. If you’ve somehow hacked the wilderness that is the internet and accidentally made it here, you’re probably confused. What is this place? They’re selling what? Ooh a cookie. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you’re were out to find the best deal online– as one does.

Big mistake there buddy.

The internet is an infinite black hole where one goes to look for the best ways to clean their kitchen and end up caught in an infinite loop of cat videos. It’s a time sink. Endless. Weird as F*#k. But despite that, we endure. Amid the cat videos, the rick rolls, 2 girls one cups and other sick stuff they put up, it still will and forever remain, the gateway to practically everything.

Who The F*#k Are We?

So you find yourself here. Who the hell are we anyway? Think of us as your friendly local guide. A guide to what exactly? A guide to a very specific, very PG niche. Home stuff. Yeah. Nothing fancy. Just home stuff. Basically everything you need for your home life- we can help you with that.

From Vacuum cleaner reviews to special discount coupons, everything you need to make your day easier you’ll find it here. If you can’t find it here, well show you where you can find it. No bs. None of those random popup ad tornadoes. No membership required. Just the good stuff.

You see, we were where you are now. Adulting is hard work. Things can get confusing. What do I use to remove bloodstains? Can this blender dissolve body parts? You know, basic stuff. We’re here to make it easier. Want to blend a human-ish sized object and turn it into mush? We can give you the time it would take and what blender can do the job for you. Ok, ok, not really. But the blender parts we can do. Need to know what blender can create the perfect slushy for you? Not a problem.

About Me, The Editor

A little bit of background on us. My name is Samantha Nicole. I have a degree in engineering. I spent years doing the engineering thing but it was really never my calling. So I took art lessons. Nope, not my calling either. Can’t draw a lick. It all changed when my cousin called me and asked about a washing machine. Because obviously an engineering degree automatically makes me qualified for that. Really. Being the good person that I am, well, being the really bored person that I am, did a detailed three page review of said diabolical washing machine. I realized that I kinda liked it. Things sort of fell in place and here we are.

So really. This is a safe place. Ogle all you want. Read and learn. Buy a few stuff- or not – no pressure there. Enjoy!.