The Best Lighting for Applying Makeup

There are different kinds of makeup and brands to choose from today. From eye shadows, blush on, lipsticks, concealers, to the trending items like contour products, eyebrow powders, and pomades. Makeup products are most commonly used to enhance one’s appearance. And for many individuals, makeup is more than something that enhances their natural beauty. It can also provide a secret boost to their confidence and self-esteem.

If you are one of the many people that use makeup, whether on a regular basis or not, you might sometimes experience leaving the house feeling completely confident. However, upon checking your face in the mirror, you’re shocked to see patches of unblended concealer. You might even end up laughing because you have put too much of something on your face. This can be embarrassing, right?

And the cause may not be your lack of talent when it comes to makeup application; it could simply be caused by your room’s lighting. Yes, you read it right, your lights. Keep in mind that good lighting is the most important factor to achieve a perfect look. And we are all aware of the fact that not everyone can afford to buy a professionally-lit makeup mirror, but don’t be disheartened because there are ways to fix your lighting situations.

Below are the best lighting options and tips from the most natural lighting, the ideal synthetic lights, to the lighting setup and where you will position to get a proper and even lighting.

Natural Light is Proven and Tested to be the Best!

A lot of popular and renowned makeup artists have already attested to this. There is no more lighting that could provide a more precise glimpse of what you need to apply on your face than daylight. You just need to make sure that it evenly lights your face. Natural light gives a clear and evenly diffused lighting that makes it easier to see uneven blends. Plus, this doesn’t even require you to spend a single dollar!

Makeup artists encourage cosmetics enthusiasts to take advantage of this free lighting as much as you can when applying makeup, especially since it gives the most realistic view of how your makeup will look. You can place your vanity desk and mirror near a window, or just simply go to an area where your face is evenly lit by the sun.

Incandescent Light is the Next Best Thing!

Next to natural light, incandescent bulbs are the best synthetic lighting for applying makeup. Aside from being recommended in households for its energy efficiency, it is also recommended by renowned makeup artists to be installed in rooms where you usually do your makeup as it gives off a flattering, warm color toned lighting which helps to make makeup application even.

Natural White Lighting is Also Ideal

Popular makeup artists Nick Barose and Vincent Quendo both believe that white lights are ideal for makeup application but have different preferences. Quendo likes white lights as they don’t get too hot which causes heat in the area, and he prefers those that are adjustable to be able to adjust the brightness and minimize shadows.

On the other hand, Barose prefers white lights that have an approximate wattage ranging from 60 to 65 as you would not want lights that are too bright since they can make you look pale. You could even end up on applying too much on your face.

LED lights are a good choice for this kind of lighting. And there are also portable LED lights available, which makes it a good option as well since you can bring it with you anywhere you go. For instance, if you think you need more highlighting on a certain area of your face but you don’t have access to good lighting, you can just bring your portable LED out, and you now have the control to focus it where you need and want to.

An Evenly Lit Face is Important!

As mentioned above, it is also important to keep your face evenly lit for an even application of makeup. And to make sure that your face is evenly lighted, it is ideal to stand right in front of the lights. Or at least not right under the light source.

Avoid yellowish, rose-colored, and fluorescent bulbs.

Yellow lights, rose-colored, and fluorescent lights are the lights that provide the least realistic view of your makeup result. Yellow lights will make you end up with too much makeup on as it makes you look pale, while lights that are rose-colored will make your skin look warmer which is not ideal during makeup application since you won’t completely see if you’re putting the right amount on. And last is the fluorescent light, which is said to be the worst light when putting makeup. It just simply would make all the imperfections disappear.

Applying Makeup Right Under the Light is a Big No!

Have you ever tried to hold a flashlight right under your face during Halloween? Doing your makeup right under the bulb is just like holding a flashlight above your head, it is just as terrifying. This setup, which is commonly used in elevators, emphasizes wrinkles, pigments on your face, and makes your under eyes look darker. This can result in you putting too much foundation and concealer than you need and a “cakey face.” And worse, that kind of lighting setup also makes you look a lot older.

Dimming is What Works at Night

If you are going out for the night, you won’t need perfect lighting. Instead, for a flawless look, you will need perfect dimming. Installing a dimming outlet is ideal when you prepare and apply makeup at night. This will give you a more accurate idea of the results of your makeup during the night averse to daytime. As a simple explanation, what looks perfect in candlelight can look very different when brightly lit. But be careful not to dim it too much as you won’t be able to properly see what you’re doing.


Makeup is a versatile product for both men and women today. Whether it is just simply for staying attractive and young or to build up one’s confidence and self-esteem, proper application is still necessary. And the key to that is good lighting. And even if you have professional makeup skills but you have poor lighting in your room, chances are you will get imperfect makeup results and an awful look.

If you have no budget to get yourself a professional vanity mirror with lights pre-installed, or if the sun is already out, just follow the options and tips above for perfect lighting and achieve a flawless look.

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