The Best Versatile Bread Machine for your Budget 2023

Bread Machines

Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning -especially if it’s home-baked. Unfortunately, not a lot of people are skilled when it comes to baking. Most household kitchens just aren’t equipped with the right tools to make the perfect loaf of bread. Other than Bread Machines, baking also requires some degree of skill. Whether we like it or not, mixing dough, waiting for it to rise, beating it, kneading it – all of these preparations – simply doesn’t sit well with a hectic lifestyle. Thankfully, technical innovations in the form of top bread machines have now made it easier to make freshly baked bread every time.  You don’t even have to learn how to mix the dough together.


Bread machines have all but automated the way people make bread. Some professionals deride it as being unable to provide the same quality as old-fashioned baked bread. Since they just lack the texture, aroma, and flavor. However, with new models continuously flooding the market of late, there are bound to be a few bread machines worth investing in.

Automated Bread Machines

But with the sheer number of automated bread makers out in the market, it pays to know what kind of bread machine you’re investing in. In the old days, bread machines were only able to make rudimentary kinds of bread. The most expensive models still made unsightly loaves that were misshapen. With ongoing innovations came better and more reliable models. The high-end models even go so far as allowing options such as whole grain or gluten-free baking. The newer models just gave choices that were previously non-existent in older models.


If you’re looking for the best bread machine for your home, it pays to know that old model are practically worthless. They just lack the versatility and dependability of newer machines. Take these beauties on for a whirr in your kitchen instead!

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 here are the top two best bread machines that 2022 has to offer:

The Best Bread Machines of 2023

1. Panasonic SD-BMT 2000

1. Panasonic SD BMT 2000 1

Panasonic may now be commonly known for its expansive range of home entertainment systems. But back in the old days, it was the first company to have ever designed and successfully marketed the earliest types of bread machines. Today, the company still tops all other competition thanks to a consistent range of new and improved models. The best of the current crop is the SD-BMT2000. Generally, it’s just a new-and-improved version of the older Panasonic SD-BMS105 bread machine. The newer model boasts a staggering selection of 34 settings to choose from.

Product specs:​

Price Range$290.00 – $300.00
Country of OriginJapan
Product Dimensions14. X 13 x 10.3 inches
Product Weight14.9 lbs
ManufacturerPanasonic Japan (import-only product)

The SD-BMT2000

Not content with simply making plain bread, the SD-BMT2000, like its predecessor, still boasts a built-in yeast, nut, and fruit dispenser which automatically dispenses your desired ingredients in record time, while giving you an impressive range of baking and cooking options to boot! This handy model not only allows you to bake standard loaf bread, but other varieties as well, namely rice, rye, oat, and other whole grain bread, brioche, marbled bread, and layered or ‘arrange’ bread (options for this variety can be found in the ‘melon bread’ setting), pan de mie, sugared loaf, nut bread, raisin bread, filled bread, and so much more.

Not a One Trick Pony

Aside from bread, this multi-functional machine also allows you to create other staple foods like pasta, udon, and an assortment of noodles thanks to its amazing dough-proofing, developing, and noodle-making option. Being a Japanese-made product, the SD-BMT2000 also allows you to cook rice-based desserts like mochi (a soft, chewy, filled dessert made from glutinous rice), dango (a similar dish, typically served in skewers), and uiro (a similar, albeit flavored and colored product).

Compote Galore!

Not content with going that extra mile in the Japanese dessert department, the SD-BMS2000 is also capable of making yummy compote, and may even be used to create hearty and delicious country-style jams. But the true stunner of this machine is its capacity to make chocolate.

That’s right – it can make chocolate! But it doesn’t make just one kind of chocolate – the machine makes a total of three different types of chocolate (milk, white, and dark) including a cool option for mixing in additional flavors into your chocolate of choice (like peanut butter or caramel, for starters), and it only takes a mere 17 minutes to have your own home-made chocolate for desserts, dips, drinks, or garnishes.


  • An innovative and expansive range of options
  • Not limited to producing baked goods
  • Doubles as a pasta-maker and noodle maker
  • Can make an assortment of desserts
  • Has a specialized option for Japanese desserts and foodstuffs
  • Makes fancy marbled bread
  • Makes a standard 1-pound loaf
  • Has a 13-hour delay timer perfect for ensuring freshly baked bread every morning
  • Bakes bread fast for 1–3 hours, depending on the recipe
  • Has a large LCD screen
  • Features nut, fruit, and yeast dispenser that can be automated and used to dispense other ingredients besides the standard fare
  • Comes with a manual, a recipe book, two kneading blades and a removable bake pan, a measuring cup, and a spoon


  • Can be a tad pricey for a bread machine
  • Options can come off as too numerous for some people
  • The instruction manual only comes in Japanese
  • The product is not often sold outside of Japan and is available only through online purchases


If you want one of the top bread machines which you can use to create your own mini-home bakery gig, you can never go wrong with the Panasonic SD-BMT1000. Though a tad bit pricey, it is a worthwhile investment especially for households with special dietary needs and for people who are really into baking as it offers a totally exhaustive range of options combined with relative user-friendliness and overall reliability.

2. Breville BBM800XL

2. Breville BBM800XL

Breville boasts a total stunner with their BBM800XL. They call it “The smartest bread maker. Ever” on their official website. This stunning (and huge!) bread machine comes in a close second to Panasonic. With its own unique range of versatile options and its gorgeous, sleek, ultra-modern aesthetics, the BBM800XL is one of the best bread makers that you can invest in if you find import products to be far too pricey for your current budget. Originally close to the Panasonic SD-BMT1000 with regards to pricing, its initial price has dropped significantly by a not-so-trifling $130 dollars, making this little baby a total steal.

Product specs:​

Price Range$250 (originally at $390-$400)
Country of OriginU.S.A.
Product Dimensions9.6 x 16.4 x 13.3 inches
Product Weight16.9 lbs
ManufacturerHWI / Breville USA

High Tech Machine

One reviewer compared the Breville BBM800XL to something Tony Stark of Iron Man fame would design, and at first glance, it’s pretty obvious why – the BBM800XL is large and exceedingly beautiful, with its full stainless-steel body, sleek, mirror finish, and tasteful and clean arrangement of its control buttons.  This bread machine also boasts a wonderfully sizeable viewing window which allows you to see the bread as it cooks.

The highlight of this model is its large, smart LCD display and control button options, which allow users to readily pick their choice of bread to bake, alongside other surprising settings, with relative ease. Its one-of-a-kind interface makes baking super-easy, with its fully-automated temperature gauge and timer that instantly orients itself to the proper baking time, temperature, and mixing mode the moment you pick an option. This enables you to bake different types of bread and a small assortment of other foodstuffs. The interface is also quite easy to navigate with its Turn and Confirm dial that allows you to set everything in a matter of seconds, but with little room for error.


With its trusty 13-hour timer, you can prepare your bread in advance, choose a preset option, and wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread at whatever hour of day or night! For the artisanal baker in you, it even features a pause option that allows you to hand-shape crusts or add various designs mid-way into the baking process. Its sheer bulk is there for a pretty good reason as well – it’s geared toward families that just love their bread. Boasting a ‘family-sized’ option gigantic loaf at 2.5 pounds, it definitely tops Panasonic with regards to the sheer quantity of bread that it can churn out.

However, size isn’t everything for this Breville bread machine, since aside from the gigantic 2.5-pound option you can also choose three other loaf sizes – 1.0 pounds, 1.5 pounds, and 2.0 pounds, respectively. Not to be outdone by the Panasonic SD-BMS1000, this top bread machine also features additional options other than the standard bread choices. You get to mix dough for pizza, pasta, and focaccia, although you can only manage to bake the latter in it. It even has an option for making jam, although it does leave much to be desired in the dessert section, unlike Panasonic’s model.

Advanced Features

Breville didn’t stop with just these trifling options – it also features two very distinct and unique features that are exclusive to the BBM800XL. For starters, it has an automated fruit-and-nut dispenser with a built-in timer that dispenses your choice of bread fillers midway in the mixing process or some time in-between baking (depending on the selected recipe) to ensure total integration into your chosen bread variety. And speaking of mixing, the BBM800XL’s mixing paddles also feature a one-of-a-kind feature – it collapses onto itself after the mixing and kneading process which ensures that the paddles don’t stick into the baked bread. It’s the only one of its kind (so far) that doesn’t leave an unsightly sizeable hole in the middle of your loaf, which is a definite plus on the side of aesthetics and practicality. It even features a secondary kneading paddle specifically made for jam.

Crust Colouring

This bread machine also features three distinct crust coloring options (brown, pale, or crusty), a bake-only setting, and 13 automatic and manual settings for an assortment of bread types. With it, you can bake gluten-free, whole grain, yeast-free, quick-bake, and sweet bread, among other things. These options are inclusive of jam, pasta dough, pizza dough, and focaccia-making features. For folks who truly want to get gung-ho with this bread machine, it even features a fully-customizable option that allows you to create your own special bread recipe!


  • Solid, stainless-steel body for a sleek, ultra-modern, sturdy look
  • Large, capacious non-stick bread pan able to bake four standard-sized loaf options (1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 lb loaves)
  • User-friendly interface with a readily-operable preset temperature and timer options for relative ease and efficiency
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD with backlight
  • The easy Turn and Confirm dial allows you to pick a recipe in a matter of seconds
  • 13-hour preset timer for pre-prepped bread
  • Large viewing window with light for instant checking without having to open the lid
  • Fully-automated fruit-and-nut dispenser with fully-customizable dispensing action
  • Collapsible bread-kneading paddle for superior aesthetics and even bottom crust
  • Additional paddle especially dedicated to making jam
  • Comes with a pause option which allows you to modify or hand-shape your chosen bread type for that extra artisanal flair
  • 13 automatic and manual settings for an assortment of bread varieties with three crust color options (brown, pale, crusty)
  • Comes with a fully-customizable setting for your own personal bread recipes
  • The bread pan is non-stick for easy transfer of freshly baked loaf and even easier cleanup
  • Comes with an instruction manual plus a recipe book


  • 13 standard options may be lacking for some
  • Lacks an option for desserts
  • Size can be too bulky for most kitchen counters
  • May still be too pricey for a mid-tier bread machine


If you’re looking for a trusty mid-tier bread machine that is just perfect for your daily dose of freshly-baked goodness but doesn’t want to spend overmuch on pricier brands, the Breville BBM800XL is a simple but definite keeper that will serve you for years to come!

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