Best Vlogging Cameras for Vloggers 2022


It seems these days, everybody wants to be a vlogger. It’s pretty simple really. Just you, a camera, and some rudimentary editing skills and you’re all set. Just post it on youtube and voila! Vlogger. That’s where the hard stuff begins though. If you just want to vlog for vlogging’s sake, then there’s no problem, vlog …

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Best Alkaline Water Ionizer Machines 2022 – Top 10 Review

Best Alkaline Water Ionizer

Your Guide to the Best Alkaline Water Machines on the Market Today and How They Will Benefit You and your Household Water Ionizers AKA Alkaline Water Machines are becoming more and more popular amongst the more health-conscious of us. I know what you’re thinking, you’ve heard all this before. Plenty of trends have come and …

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How to Make Alkaline Water?


Alkalinity is the quantitative measurement of a liquid solution’s ability to neutralize an acidic substance. In alkaline water, “alkaline” refers to the water’s pH level. The pH level or the “power of hydrogen” on a scale, is the measurement of how basic or acidic a liquid solution is. For instance, a very acidic liquid solution …

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The Benefits of Rolling Your Own Cigarettes


What is a roll-your-own cigarette? Commercial cigarettes are the most popular product for smoking. However, there’s another smoking product that can provide you with better benefits. A roll-your-own cigarette (RYO cigarette) is made by hand-rolling your own cigarette using loose tobacco. RYO cigarette is also known as roll-ups, burns and rolls, and rollies. You can …

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