Things You Must Always Keep in a Fireproof Safe

We all have precious belongings in our homes. Using a fireproof safe is an incredibly helpful solution. By doing this, you can safeguard some of your important things. A safe deposit at home does not only provide storage for the things you want to keep, but it is also another way of not using and paying for a bank safe deposit box.

What size do I need to buy?

There are some fireproof safes available for purchase, which varies in shapes and sizes. Depending on your needs, you can have a lightweight and small safe, or you can also pick something that is big and heavy.

The best answer to this question is to pick a safe that is larger than you really need. Based on the numerous customers that have bought a fireproof safe, most of them have regrets since they did not get something that was large enough for their things. Also, take into account the value of the items in your safe in the coming years. By and large, a spacious one is preferable when you want to invest in a fireproof safe.

The following are some of the essential stuff you must keep in your own fireproof safe:


Birth Certificates

This includes the birth certificates of all family members. Besides being your proof of citizenship, a birth certificate gives you the access to many essential social services. This vital document means you have a ticket to be healthy, as you have access to vaccinations and medical treatments. If you lose it, you will have a hard time obtaining a passport. You could not even get a job if you have no birth certificate to prove that you are a citizen of a country.


The passport is a crucial document that you should always keep. It is necessary if you need to cross borders and gain entry to them. Your passport will tell other countries that you are a legal citizen of your own country of origin, as you travel from one foreign territory to another.

You can keep them in your fireproof safe since you do not need to bring it with you always unless required. Should you need to show identification, you can use a passport card or a copy of your passport.

Your visa is also an important document that you should put in your safe. Many countries will ask you for a visa before you can enter their land.

Legal Documents

Just about anyone of us should write a Will for the reason that without it, we will have no idea who are the people that will be entrusted with our assets and properties. Unless you want your property to be given to the state when you die, write your Will now.

Safeguard in your safe the copies of your legal documents, such as health care proxies, living wills, powers of attorney, etc. Also for all the wills, in which you are the executor. Gaining access to these papers can guarantee the protection they were intended to give.

Keys of Your Safe Deposit Box

Safe deposit boxes, which are used to store valuable belongings, are likely to be found in banks or post offices. Having a safe box is a good idea to keep essential documents and possessions you do not need or likely to use often.

In line with this, you have keys to this safe-deposit box in a bank. You will want to safeguard these keys in safety in the form of your own fireproof box at home. In any case, your bank will not allow you to gain access to your safe deposit box if your key is lost.

Insurance Policies

The main job of insurance is that it gives you protection from loss. These insurance policies help you in financial hardships, thus giving you peace of mind. An insurance policy covers expenses for illnesses, accidents, disasters, and property damage brought on by various factors such as fire.

In case your house is destroyed by fire or is burglarized, the most important thing you would want to acquire is a copy of your insurance policy as well as the contact information of your agent. You will need them when filing a claim.


Every single piece of jewelry you own has a special place in your heart. While all your jewelry pieces are important to you, there are those that are especially more valuable than the others. To keep your jewelry in good condition and protect them from damage, make sure to store them accordingly. This is where your fireproof safe comes into play.

It is just normal for you to think about their security. Losing or causing damage to your precious jewelry would not only mean a sentimental grief, but could also be a serious financial setback. By having a fireproof safe, you are minimizing these risks from happening to you.

Vehicle Titles

A car title is a vital document that you must keep in a secure location, just like in a fireproof safe. This paper serves as your legal form to validate your ownership to the automobile. If you cannot present a vehicle title, it can be considered that you have a stolen vehicle in your possession. The title contains important information about your car. There will be less worry for you, knowing that you have copies of those titles in any unforeseen events.


You may want to keep a certain amount of money to save for a rainy day or to use in case of an emergency. Use your fireproof safe to store any amount of cash that you cannot afford to lose.


A fireproof safe is a sensible investment for your home. Ultimately, whatever you plan to store in the safe will determine what size is the most efficient for you. A small safe is enough if you want to store some smaller valuable items. If you have a lot more of these valuables you want to keep hidden, you may opt to get a larger fireproof safe.

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