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What Cameras Do YouTubers Use to Film?

Being a YouTuber takes a lot more effort than one would normally think. In the process of creating interesting and high-quality content that would be enjoyable to a large viewership, things aren’t as simple as pointing and shooting. This is especially true since nowadays, in the aftermath of the dreaded YouTube “Adpocalypse,” content creators have […]

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Best Cameras for Vloggers 2017

It seems these days, everybody wants to be a vlogger. It’s pretty simple really. Just you, a camera, some rudimentary editing skills and you’re all set. Just post it up on youtube and voila! Vlogger. That’s where the hard stuff begins though. If you just want to vlog for vlogging’s sake, then there’s no problem, […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Hoverboards 2017

The FutureBack in the heyday of science fiction, people envisioned different ways to move out and about. When the movie Back to the Future came out in 1989, the idea of a free-flying, skateboard-like object became all the rage. Unfortunately physics is a cruel mistress, it never came to be. While there were rumors that spread about […]

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How to Choose an Instant Print Camera 2017

A Quick Guide to Buying the Best Instant Film CameraInstant print cameras are fun in a box. It’s the only camera that prints photos within minutes after taking them, and it does this without the help of a third-party printer. Take that, portable photo printers! But that’s just one of the reasons why we love […]

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Best Thermal Cameras 2017 – What You Need to Know

Thermal cameras are powerful devices designed for three things – prevention, maintenance, and solution. These allow them to be used for industrial, commercial, medical, environmental, and safety purposes. Household owners and enthusiasts have also started to employ them for personal use. The possibilities behind thermal imagers are truly endless. In this article, we’ll explore what […]

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A Quick Guide to the Mirrorless Camera 2017

The Best Mirrorless Cameras in the Market – and Why They’re Better than DSLRsMove over DSLR – there’s a new kind of camera in town. The mirrorless camera is the latest contender to digital cameras, and it might just win the race.Mirrorless cameras have been stealing the show ever since they were first introduced in […]

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